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Phoenix, Arizona Construction Equipment & Tool Rentals

Summit Rentals offers quality inventory for construction experts and DIY. All our rates are competitive and delivery* and Pickup Services are available. You never have to wait in line!

How It Works

How to Rent from Summit Rentals

  1. Select Equipment
  2. Fill Out the Delivery Form
  3. Payment is Due Prior to Delivery
Delivery & Pickup

Summit offers delivery within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area — As indicated below. Please provide us with the jobsite or home address so we can provide you with the most accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Payment is due prior to delivery/pickup and we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Zelle.

– All Delivery Rates for Small and Medium-Large Equipment –


  • $65 Each Way, Up to 40 miles 
  • Fuel Rates Are Pre-Paid at $3.00/Gallon.
Equipment rentals can be delivered from 5AM-10AM. ALL Equipment MUST be ready for pick up by 6AM on the scheduled return date. *No hourly. *1 Day Does Not Constitute 24 Hours of Active Use Time — You must adhere to return times specified in the agreement.

Construction Equipment & Tool Rentals for Professionals & Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

Summit Rentals
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