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Bobcat Skid Steer Rental Phoenix

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Bobcat Rental Phoenix - Summit Rentals
Phoenix Bobcat Rentals
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Bobcat S70 Rental in Phoenix Arizona - Summit Rentals

Bobcat S70 Skid-Steer
with 36" Bucket

Rental & Delivery Available in Phoenix, Arizona

Bobcat Skid Steer Rentals Phoenix - Summit Rentals

Bobcat S70 Weight

Safety, Size & Speed:

Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) (35% of tipping load):

760 lb. (344 kg)

Tipping Load:

1520 lb. (689 kg)

Height to Bucket Hinge Pin:

94.5 in. (2400 mm)

Lift Arm Path


Operating Weight:

2892 lb. (1312 kg)

Width With Bucket

36.0 in. (914 mm)

Height With Cab:

71.4 in. (1814 mm)

Travel Speed - Low Range:

6.3 mph (10.1 km/hr.)

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Yes, Summit Rentals offers delivery of tools and construction equipment within the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Area. Pickup, Delivery, and Return available. $2 Per Mile. Additional Conditions & Restrictions May Apply.

The Bobcat S70 Mini Skid Steer (Compact Skid Steer) is the smallest skid steer in the Bobcat family of skid steers. 

Don’t let the small size fool you, though… with an operating weight of 2,892 lbs and solid construction, bobcat gives you enough power to tackle the toughest jobs in small spaces.

Yes, not only is the Bobcat S70 ideal for landscaping and yard work, its small size allows you it to get through smaller gates and into enclosed back yards and fenced areas.

A Bobcat S70 Skid Steer engine has: 23.5 hp (17.5 kW)

Redesigned Bobcat Engine:

Bobcat S70 Advanced Colling System:

Bobcat S70 Effective Weight Balance:

Bobcat S70 Engine Statistics:


23.5 hp (17.5 kW)

Engine Type:


Fuel Tank Capacity:

6.5 gal. (24.6 L)

Bobcat Hydraulic System Features for attachments:

Hydraulic System Pressure:

3000 psi (20.6 MPa)

Hydraulic Standard Flow:

9.8 gpm (37.1 L/min.)

What Attachments Fit a Bobcat S70?

Angle Broom

Boring Unit

Combination Bucket

Grapple (Industrial)



Snow V Blade*



Utility Frame




Grapple (Root)

Mini Scraper


Soil Conditioner


Utility Blade




Dumping Hopper

Grapple (Utility - FORK OR BUCKET)

Pallet Form

Snow Blade

Stump Grinder

Tree Fork

Utility Fork

Vibratory Plow

*ATTACHMENTS – Require a separate attachment control kit to be installed. Not All Attachments Are Available For Rental.

** Bobcat S70 Rentals come with a Standard Bucket. Not All Attachments Are Available for Rental.

General Purpose Bucket for Bobcat S70 Skid Steer Available for Rent - In Stock at Summit Rentals

Pre-Drilled for Bolt-On Edges / Teeth

Bobcat S70 36" Standard Bucket

  • Ideal for light-duty grading and leveling applications as well as material handling  
  • Good bucket breakout force 

ISO Heaped Capacity:

6 ft³

ISO Struck Capacity:

4.5 ft³

What Can a Bobcat S70 Do?

How It Works

How to Rent from Summit Rentals

  1. Check-Out to Reserve Your Rental
  2. Receive Confirmation
  3. Payment is Due Prior to Delivery